Soundbyte 316 – June 2021


Welcome to Soundbyte! In this issue: June Meeting Mac OS Monterey and WWDC Spatial Audio comes to Apple Music Apple TV colours – too good to be true? Apple for Kids New features for people with disabilities The extreme power of GarageBand Adding style to your spreadsheets Using artificial intelligence to improve your photos Discounts and Special Offers for Members … Read More

Soundbyte 315 – May 2021


M1 iMac - Blue

Hello and welcome to this month’s bumper edition of Soundbyte! In this issue: May Meeting – Content Creation The new iMac and iPad Pro AirTag Privacy enhancements in iOS 14.5 M2 – the next Apple chip? Avoiding Zoom Fatigue Goggles go high-tech for the military What’s next for HomeKit? 9 Years left… Back to the Future Rearrange your iPhone apps … Read More

Camo The Webcam App!

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Camo – the Webcam app – Members Review What is Camo? In our first of (hopefully many future) articles, I’m are going to review one of the most talked-about Webcam Apps,  Camo. In a time where we have all spent more time at home than we ever would have planned and when jumping to your next business meeting means joining … Read More

Find My Pint?

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This Week the Podcast Team had the Amazing pleasure of meeting with not one Special guest but 3! Yes, that’s “Three Guests” for Episode 16 of Brew & Byte – Find My Pint? – This week we look at the Apples rumoured AirTags and their possible uses, Who’s next in line as the CEO of Apple and not forgetting our … Read More

Top Tips of Bakari Chavanu – Automation Expert

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This Week the Podcast Team was joined by Automation Expert Bakari Chavanu, where we discuss the best way in which to same time and be productive when sitting at your Mac! Show notes and links to the recommendations can be found here – Bakari Chavanu is a freelance writer and owner and manager of Bakari has written hundreds of … Read More