Find My Pint?

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This Week the Podcast Team had the Amazing pleasure of meeting with not one Special guest but 3! Yes, that’s “Three Guests” for Episode 16 of Brew & Byte – Find My Pint? –

This week we look at the Apples rumoured AirTags and their possible uses, Who’s next in line as the CEO of Apple and not forgetting our feature today – Apple and Entertainment.  

Our Lineup this week includes a videographer and YouTuber, a rocket scientist to an App developer and digital forensic expert and as well as being a CEO.

This week we were joined by Software Expert Aidan Fitzpatrick, Aidan is the founder and CEO of Reincubate (@reincubate) building products to help users make the most of their Apple devices. Last year Reincubate launched Camo, enabling users to use the incredible cameras on their iPhones and iPads, giving better quality video than any webcam on the market.

Christian Boyce grew up in Davis, California, and earned engineering degrees at UCLA and The University of Texas at Austin. He bought his first Mac in 1985 while at grad school in Texas and loved it from the start. (This was about one year after the Mac was introduced) After grad school, He worked as a Rocket Scientist at The Aerospace Corporation in Southern California while helping people with their Macs at night and at weekends. In 1991 he left The Aerospace Corporation and made helping people with their Macs his full-time work. he’s been doing that ever since. He has written a few Mac-related how-to books and ghost-written parts of others as well as being hired as the technical reviewer for several Mac-related books as well.

Mark Ellis, Mark is a YouTube tech reviewer and blogger. Covering everything from Apple to the latest consumer headphones, he dispenses with deep-dive specs and gets right down to the real-world benefits. Find out everything Mark does and every possible way you can contact him directly at You can also find Mark where he is most at home on his Youtube Channel with all his latest toys here

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Episode 23 – Keeping to the Script(able) Brew & Byte

On this week's Brew & Byte podcast, our panel discusses the release of the new MagSafe Battery Pack, a battery pack that makes use of Apple’s new MagSafe technology to snap onto the back of newer iPhones, Apple Users Users can now run a full version of Windows in a web browser on any device, and we interview indy developer, Simon Strøring creator of some of the Apple stores top-ranking applications to be a found in the App Store, as well as our "did you know section…" Special Guest: Simon Strøring is an iOS developer based in Denmark. During the day he works as an engineer at Lunar, a challenger bank in the Nordics, and in the night he is an indie developer. His focus is on building tools for developers and automation enthusiasts including well-known apps Scriptable, DataJar and Jayson.  Runtime: – 56 mins    Show Notes:   Please leave us a review, we love to hear from our listeners ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 📲 Connect with us via the links below:   Twitter: @londomacgroup   Website:  Facebook: Join the group   Become a member: Join here   Contact us:   Sponsor: The London Mac User Group Series 1 | E 23 — Send in a voice message:
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