March Meeting


March 11th – Digital Legacy Planning

Hi All,

Did you miss our latest meeting? Don’t worry we have got you covered –

This month’s meeting covered topics including Apple updates, digital legacy planning, and discussions on app store policies, notably Apple’s EU fine and side-loading implications. There’s mention of new Apple products, specifically the M3 chip MacBook Air, and debates on the fairness of app store fees. The meeting also touched on personal technology use, preferences between Apple Music and Spotify, and the appeal of owning versus streaming content.

We delved into digital legacy considerations, Apple ID management after death, and setting up legacy contacts. The discussion highlighted how to manage digital assets and the importance of planning for digital legacies, including the restrictions and capabilities within Apple’s ecosystem for legacy contacts. This included insights on accessing data, the inability to access keychains, and the implications for executors handling digital estates. The presentation offered guidance on preparing for and navigating these digital afterlife processes.

We explored the intricacies of managing digital legacies, focusing on the importance of setting up legacy contacts within Apple ID and the limitations thereof, especially regarding access to the keychain and licensed media. This session highlighted the legal and practical challenges in accessing digital assets posthumously, underscoring the need for meticulous planning to ensure a smooth transition and access for executors or legacy contacts. The conversation also touched on the implications of digital legacies for business owners, stressing the complexity and necessity of thorough preparation.

During our latest meeting, Tech YouTuber Mark Ellis gave us an exclusive demo of the Apple Vision Pro over a FaceTime call, sharing his firsthand experiences with this groundbreaking device. Engaging with members, Mark navigated through its features, highlighting the seamless integration and potential of this new tech marvel in our daily lives. His insights sparked a lively discussion on its implications for future computing and personal technology use, making for an unforgettable and highly interactive session.

A meeting recording will be available via the Members Section of our website shortly……