Members Christmas party

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We will host our annual Christmas party. Open to members only (you can join on this night for £15) we will have our excellent quiz night with great prizes for the winning (and worst) teams and of course our delicious free buffet meal. Make a date in your diary for this great members-only on 12th December.

LMUG meetings have gotten better

LMUG is its members and the members make LMUG successful. In response to member feedback, we are back in one of our favourite venues, the homely St. John Balcombe (previously the Wood/Hobgoblin). Its warm atmosphere and great food compliments our other change. So far as possible, every other meeting will be a Special Interest Group. This means much more time for focusing on learning, sharing and socialising, the essence of MUGs. Our regular SIGs are Mac Beginners, Photos and Technical.

I’d like to ask, if you’ve not come to a meeting recently to give us another go. The more of us coming to our friendly meetings, the better bargain we can drive with the Pub, particularly, guaranteeing our continued exclusive use of the quiet basement.

Great raffle prizes await you
We’ve run some excellent raffles, giving away super fast hard drives, bluetooth speakers and other valuable tech.  Our best raffles happen when we present Apple’s live streaming announcements, such as an Apple Watch Series 2.  Next month is our Christmas quiz and free buffet, and we will raffle a Phillips Hue smart home starter kit (worth over £100).  The kit lets you control house lights from your phone.  Make sure you come on the 12th to take part, there are great odds of winning every month!