Q&A: May 2014

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this month's lucky raffle prize winner!

this month’s lucky raffle prize winner!

At every meeting we have little Q&A session, during which members have the chance to bring forward their Apple/Mac related question in front of the group and have them help finding an answer to the troubles.

Below you’ll find last month’s Q&A notes and a couple really nice pictures Paul took (thx):


Q: I am having problems accessing my BT email account on my iPad. Whenever I open Mail on my iPad I see my email for a second before they all disappear.

A: Check that you have set your account to keep emails. It might be set to delete once read. Also, make sure you’ve set up your email account using IMAP instead of POP. Maybe consider deleting the account from your iPad and reentering it using the latest IMAP details. A quick Google search (BT IMAP details) will find you everything you need.


Q: On the Mac I like using my apps in full screen mode. How to do I switch between screens (apps) using only the keyboard, not a Trackpad or Magic Mouse.

A: By default OSX is set up to use Ctr + > (control + arrow left) or Ctr + < (control + right). You can chance these under System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts


Q: I want to capture a picture of my screen? (screenshots)

A: There are various ways to take screenshots. Using cmd-shift-3 will take a picture of your entire screen. cmd-shift-4 will change the curser to a cross (+) and give you the opportunity to select the area you want to take a screenshot off. If you press cmd-shift-4 followed by shift the mouse will change from a cross to a camera. Now when you hover over any element on screen you want to take a screenshot off.


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