Q&A: Feb 2014

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At every meeting we have little Q&A session, during which members have the chance to bring forward their Apple/Mac related question in front of the group and have them help finding an answer to the troubles.

Below you’ll find last month’s Q&A notes:


Q. Can you access the trash without booting your Mac?

A. Connect your Mac to another Mac in Target disk mode, in the Library folder (hidden file.trash)


Q. When running Entourage, email addresses go through with angle brackets. This also happens in Hotmail and the emails are rejected. Is there a setting problem?

A. It’s a Mac foible. There is a script, that makes it delete the parentheses. Try “Doug Scripts” dougscript.com or contact Don MacAlister.


Q. My Google Mail is going into the trash rather than the inbox. What’s going on?

A.Try using Chrome to access your Gmail? To read it on Mail, try creating a new User from System Preferences, Users and Groups, and try accessing the Gmail from a different account or try a different email program e.g. Sparrow Mail or Thunderbird.


Q.I have a MacBook Pro (Snow Leopard). From time to time I hear an aural notification. I got one that keeps repeating every 30 seconds, every 7 minutes. How can I find out what this is?

A. Look in System Preferences and see which apps have notifications.


Q. My MacBook Pro won’t restart.

A. Haven’t tried Terminal. Try starting from a different disk?

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