Soundbyte 296 – October 2019

ChristopherNews, SoundByte

In this issue:

  • October Meeting
  • What’s new in iPad OS 13.1
  • Disability Support in iOS 13
  • Mac OS 10.15 and 32-bit applications
  • The next Apple product…Glasses?
  • How to listen to in-flight movies with AirPods

October Meeting – Tuesday Oct 1st

Our next meeting is on Tuesday October 1st from 7pm at the Sir John Balcombe. We are bringing forwards our October meeting in order to be joined by special guests from our sister Mac User Group in Washington DC: Washington Apple PI, who will be visiting London.

Please come along to give them a great welcome!

Joins us in the basement of the Sir John Balcombe for Newsbyte Extra, a whole evening of news and discussion about Apple’s blockbuster event last month when iPhones, iPad and a 5th generation Apple Watch, as well as new entertainment services were launched.

There are so many new products that we thought it best to offer a £50 Apple voucher as the raffle so you can buy what you want.

What’s new in iPad OS 13.1

The new version of iOS that came out this week has some significant changes, but it is familiar on the surface. However if you have an iPad, you might be in for a shock, I was!

It now has its own version of iOS with some big changes. Get ready by watching this review.

Disability support in iOS 13

Apple has always been a leader in disability support and the power of the newest iPhone combined with the intelligence in iOS13 takes it to a new level.

Voice control has been developed in partnership with disabled users. Just look at what it can do in this short video from David Pouge.

Mac OS 10.15 and 32-bit applications

Mac OS 10.15 Cataline

You might already know that come Mac OS Catalina 10.15, Mac OS will lose support for 32-bit applications. But what if you need an older app to do your work or complete a project? One solution is to use virtualisation. Read more here and ask about it at our meeting to learn more.

The next Apple product…glasses?

If you have watched Apple events, you will know that they like to demo games. In recent years they have featured Augmented Reality games, where you hold up your iPad and see a city or mountain on the desk in front of you like a heads-up display. Well, it seems there are some clues about where that might be going in iOS 13. Read some informed rumours here.

How to listen to in-flight movies with AirPods

Scottish audio company RHA has solved the problem of how to watch the in-flight movie using your Apple AirPods or any other Bluetooth headphones. Their adapter plugs into the audio sockets in your seat. It is a battery powered Bluetooth audio transmitter that connects the seat back screen to your AirPods, wirelessly. It can run for 16 hours, which should be long enough for all but the longest flights. Read more here.