Soundbyte 308 – October 2020

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Apple Watch

In this issue of Soundbyte

  • October Meeting
  • Brew and Byte – Episode 1
  • What’s new in iOS 14?
  • Scribble on your iPad
  • Time to cut the cords?
  • Use your Apple Watch to fight Covid-19
  • Another flipping phone
  • Offers for members

October meeting

Apple Watch
Apple Watch 6

Join us on Monday, October 12 at 7pm in Zoom for our monthly meeting. This month our topic will be Newsbyte Extra. We will look at the new Apple Watches and iPads released last month and look forward to what they might release this month. Look in the email this Soundbyte came with for the Zoom invite.

Brew and Byte – Episode 1

Exciting news. You can find the first Episode of the new British Apple tech podcast Brew and Byte (created by LMUG) on your favourite podcast platform including Apple Podcasts.

In our first episode we discuss why we wanted to start a podcast, what is a Mac User Group and answer our first Q&A from our members!

Please subscribe and join us fortnightly when we discuss all things Apple: software, hardware and technology. Please submit your questions to us on Twitter @londonmacgroup or send us an email at

What’s new in iOS 14?

Apple released a major update to iPhones with iOS 14 last month. One new feature is you can change the default web browser. We will talk more about iOS 14 in our next meeting, but have a look at some of the tips and tricks to be found in this video.

Scribble on your iPad

The iPad gained new Apple Pencil functions in iOS 14. The main feature is handwriting recognition. It works really well, I wrote this sentence using it! You might remember Inkwell, which was the handwriting technology Apple developed for the Apple Newton and Mac OS. This isn’t that, although it works in the same way. For example, you scratch out words to delete them. Instead, Apple has used the power of Apple Silicon to create something new. Read about it here.

But what if you don’t have an Apple Pencil? If you want the artistic features of the Pencil, you will need to spend the £80-120 to buy one. But if all you want is the new handwriting recognition, cheaper alternatives are now available. Have a look at this comparison to see the different options.

Time to cut the cords?

Apple is going carbon neutral by 2030. An important part of this is reducing the amount of electronics that are shipped around the world. Especially if they are left in the box by consumers. The rumours are that Apple will stop including USB charging bricks and wired EarPods with iPhones. The idea is that you can just re-use the USB charger and lightning EarPods from your last iPhone instead of recycling them.

But alternatively, it might be time to cut the cord entirely. With a wireless charging pad (Apple sell a number of options), you can charge any iPhone back to the iPhone 8. For audio, Apple, of course, is happy to sell you some genuine wireless AirPods. But alternatives are available. Personally, I like the earphones from the Scottish company RHA, but budget alternatives are available:

Use your Apple Watch to fight Covid-19

If you have an Apple Watch, do you know how to use the technology in it to help prevent COVID-19? Read this article on Tidbits to find out how.

Another flipping phone

Literally. The phone industry continues to fumble around for the next paradigm to replace the simple “giant screen” that Apple pioneered with the first iPhone. Here’s another take from over the garden fence. I’m not sure it will catch on.

Offers for members

Find below this month‘s special offers. As usual these discounts are only available with paid memberships and can be accessed via the website in the members area.

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  • Opus ][ Complete Collection: 25% Discount
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  • Teams ID, a Password Manager for Teams: 33% Discount
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