Soundbyte 331 – September 2022


Hello and welcome to SoundByte! In this issue:

September Meeting

Join us next Monday, September 12th at 7:00 pm BST (UTC+1) for our September Meeting. This month’s meeting is online and Zoom only. Feel free to join us from your garden, balcony or wherever that is comfortable. 

We will be discussing Apple’s latest products from their online event on September 7. The new Apple Watches and iPhones!

Save energy with HomeKit

Here in the UK, were are living through an energy crisis, which we know is going to get worse over the Autumn and Winter with skyrocketing prices. One of the best ways we can help ourselves is by reducing wasted energy. We should all know the basics: replace incandescent (40w, 60w, 100w) lightbulbs with LED versions; turn down your thermostat 1 degree; insulate your loft, close window vents, block unused chimneys and other drafts and so on. If you have a condensing combi gas boiler, have a look at the below videos to ensure it is set to work efficiently (most aren’t!)

And here are some more detais on saving gas:

HomeKit can help save some more pennies by turning things off when you’re not using them. The Apple store sells two affordable Power Point’s that can be controlled via HomeKit, for example to turn off your devices when you leave the house. I use a smart plug to turn off my TV and prevent any power drain from standby when I’m out. The Eve smart plug can also monitor how much energy is being used. Imagine moving it around your house to monitor how much power your TV, Hifi, or computer uses so you know which one needs turning off when not actively used to save you the most pennies. Note that LMUG members who pay the membership fee can get 25% off an Eve product by using the special offer in the member’s section of the LMUG website.

The big issue this winter however, will be heating. Depending on your lifestyle, if you are not always at home you could be wasting a lot of money if your thermostat is on a timer that turns on the heat when you aren’t there. Apple sells two Home Kit compatible smart thermostats in their store, the Neatamo and the Tado (check your Soundbyte email for a referral code from me with a discount). The Neatmo monitors your habits and suggests an efficient heating schedule while the Tado tracks your location and turns off the heating when you’re out. Both track the temperature in your home over the day and night to help you fine tune the timers back to when you need the heat.

Is your iPhone up-to-date ?


There is an urgent update available for your iPhone: 15.6.1. This is urgent because Apple have found that it has been exploited by criminals Clutch your phone and check it it up-to-date in settings. Check out the story on BBC news here.

Shazam hits 20 years old!

Shazam at 20

Do you use the music finding service Shazam? This british created software is built into your iPhone. if you hear some pop music, point your phone, activate Siri and say Shazam! Shazam listens and finds the song in Apple Music; and its now 20 years old! Apple have released a playlist to celebrate!

Tune up your Air Tag

Ait Tag and luggage

We are finding new ways to use our Air Tags. Travellers are putting them into to their suitcase to track their luggage But you will want to know how to configure the Tag properly to stop it making annoying alerts Read more on TidBits.

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