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This Week the Podcast Team was joined by Automation Expert Bakari Chavanu, where we discuss the best way in which to same time and be productive when sitting at your Mac!

The notch or not? Brew & Byte

Episode 25 – The notch or not? The Brew & Byte Podcast returns for a new season, with not one but two new sections! The Panel reunites to answer your Tech questions and a few hidden surprises…   Panel: Alastair, Craig, Martin.  Runtime: – 51 mins  Show Notes:    Please leave us a review, we love to hear from our listeners   ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 📲 Connect with us via the links below:  Twitter: @londomacgroup  Website:  Facebook: Join the group   Become a member: Join here  Contact us:    Sponsor: The London Mac User Group Series 2 | E 25 — Send in a voice message:
  1. The notch or not?
  2. Episode 24 – Keys and Cheese
  3. Episode 23 – Keeping to the Script(able)
  4. Episode 22 – Inboxes and Apple Pi's
  5. Episode 21 – Watch this Space?

Show notes and links to the recommendations can be found here

Bakari Chavanu is a freelance writer and owner and manager of Bakari has written hundreds of articles about Mac applications and Mac automation for general users. He’s the author of “The Awesome Guide to Mac Automation (2010) ( Bakari is available for Mac automation coaching, and he hosts Mac Automation Academy, which features coaches and challenges for building Mac automation skills and workflows.

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