Goldilocks and the iMac

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This week the Brew & Byte teamed up with fellow Mac User Group Chairman and member of SEAL (South Essex Apple Link) Robert Williams, Over the next hour we have a packed show, as we discuss all the new tech from Apple’s Spring Loaded Event!, from iMacs to Remotes, as well as our “Do You Know” section.

Robert Williams – Chair of South Essex Apple Link (SEAL), an Apple user group based in Essex, UK and currently meeting online. For the “info” link please head over to their website at

New features coming to the Brew & Byte Show

This Month we are also pleased to announce that we are adding more new features to the Brew & Byte Show. The introduction of Chapter markers making it easier to find your favourite subjects or find something you may have missed without having to scroll through the recording.

In addition to the Chapters, we have now also added – Images throughout the recording so that we are also to show listeners images, products or diagrams, for when information that is not easy to explain with just with our voices, it also makes the show far more colourful!

As always we love to hear your thought on the Features whey not drop us an Email or Tweet.

Episode 24 – Keys and Cheese Brew & Byte

Episode 24 – Keys and Cheese This week we have a bumper packed show, Apples spying on my Photos, We look at the history of the Mouse and the part Apple has played in the design history of the popular input device, We play cat and mouse and what will kids of the future have? stay tuned to find out, Panel: Alastair, Craig, Martin. Runtime: – 41 mins   Show Notes:   Please leave us a review, we love to hear from our listeners  ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 📲 Connect with us via the links below: Twitter: @londomacgroup Website:  Facebook: Join the group  Become a member: Join here Contact us:   Sponsor: The London Mac User Group Series 1 | E 24 — Send in a voice message:
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